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Naša kužina by LF Restoran@ATP-Umag 2017

"In the restaurant Naša kužina, for the third year, a modern interpretation of Istrian dishes will be represented by a superb catering service of LF Restaurant, known to Istrian public through simple creativity of Chef Robert Perić.

The features of LF Restaurant gastronomy include traditional selection of products, handled with modern technologies in food preparation and serving."

"If there were a Umag Tournament's Best Dessert competition category, the title would definitely go to a sweet delicacy by Chef Robert Perić of Naša Kužina by LF Restaurant.

His hazelnut and anise tartlet with a white chocolate and basil sauce, served with a dark chocolate dumpling, was their most popular a la carte dessert that the visitors talked about with such enthusiasm and delight.

"We are very pleased with the reactions of our guests. The comments have all been very positive. As far as the hazelnut tartlet is concerned, we would prepare as many as 80 of them each day", said Chef Perić, Croatia’s only Maestro chocolatier."


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